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About Experience Nature Tours

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Having been a keen wildlife watcher for over 35 years and since 2005 a wildlife photographer, I've become very much aware of the different agendas these two interests require. Wildlife watchers want to get close to nature, to those species and wildlife spectacles special to the particular destination. The stunning scenery and wildlife of the Spanish Pyrenees, colourful nesting colonies of Bee-eaters in The Gambia, the amazing Oilbirds of Trinidad, feeling the breeze of a Hummingbirds wings, each give us great memories to take home.

While photographers have a pretty similar goal, it's more about having extra time with the key species and the opportunity to get the shots they will be happy with when they return home. We try to get the photographers closer to the subject to make this possible, but at the same time our priority is the animals welfare, keeping disturbance to a minimum. The number of clients we invite on our Photography tours are limited for this very reason, which in turn gives each client a better chance of getting great results.

The tours include local guides who know the areas we visit and the associated wildlife intimately, along with a UK representative to help with identification and to offer advice to photographers where needed. The safety, comfort and happiness of each of our clients is the ultimate aim for each tour and to fulfill this without impacting on the environment is of paramount importance.

We are very keen not to encourage those who have a mission to just tick off species. While we carefully plan tours to visit key locations and a variety of habitats to cover many species, the pace of the tours is leisurely and relaxed, after all you should return feeling refreshed, not exhausted from a holiday

Our range of tours and workshops are expanding all the time, so drop into the website now and again to check out what's new and please do get in touch should you need any details on current tours.

Ashley Grove (Company Director)